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A message fromEllen Alberding

The Joyce Foundation works with grantee partners to advance effective policy solutions for the central challenges of our time. We strive to use our resources to improve quality of life, promote community vitality, and achieve a fair society.

There are certain essentials our public systems must get right. These include providing quality public education for all children, no matter where they live…knowledge and skills for disadvantaged workers so they qualify for family-supporting jobs…a clean and healthy environment that nurtures body and spirit…safe neighborhoods, free of gunfire erupting in the night…widely accessible artistic experience enriched by the stories of all cultures and traditions…and fair, representative elections.

Taking risks, betting on good ideas, and testing innovative solutions are among the contributions we can make to advance social and economic change. We support solutions that are research-driven, road-tested, broadly supported, and that stand up over time. And though we may not hit the mark every time, we try our best to learn from setbacks and make adjustments along the way.

The Joyce Foundation focuses much of its investment on six states in the Great Lakes region: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Projects we support in the region may also have broader implications given the interplay between work on the ground in the states and national policies taking shape in Washington. Success in the states can point the way to federal policy changes and also serve as examples for local action. Conversely, we can bring promising ideas percolating at the national level back to the Great Lakes region.

We believe a community is healthiest when benefits are widely shared among its people. Level the playing field, and it just might turn out to be a field of dreams.

Ellen AlberdingOctober 2015


Helping disadvantagedworkers succeed in theworkforce

In a rapidly changing economy, it is difficult for disadvantaged workers with few skills to find good jobs. An estimated 36 million American adults lack the basic skills needed to succeed in college or most family-supporting jobs.

To improve employment outcomes for disadvantaged workers, our Employment Program seeks to enhance practices in the education and training sector and also to forge partnerships with employers on new ways to upgrade employee skills in the workplace.

We have collaborated with our partners to reform federal workforce policy and practice. One promising development is the advent of career pathway systems. Adults who go back to school to upgrade their skills are provided with a clearly defined and structured educational roadmap. This eliminates some of the barriers they traditionally face and charts a course to earning educational credentials with marketplace value. Joyce played a role in developing the career pathways concept, adopted by Congress in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act that took effect July 1, 2015.

Community colleges play a critical role in preparing people for jobs. Some do an excellent job, particularly for low-income and minority students. To recognize excellence in the field, we established the $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, awarded every two years to recognize schools with outstanding education and employment outcomes, especially for students of color. This recognition also is inspiring innovation throughout the nation’s community college systems.

Our Employment Program also is building a new technology ecosystem to help adults acquire essential basic skills such as math and reading. Our initial investments are aimed at determining the scope of potential business opportunity for new technology in adult learning, and in that way draw interest from innovators and educators by determining the opportunity for new technology in adult learning. Not only is this a business opportunity—it is vital to the US economy.

Of course, employers are the ones who ultimately determine the qualifications and skills needed in the workplace, so we are focusing especially on companies upgrading employee skills and advancing entry-level workers to better jobs. We are encouraging more employer-led apprenticeships and other workplace learning opportunities, as evidence suggests the best outcomes come from combining classroom learning with on-the-job learning.

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Quality educationfor all children,starting early

Our Education Program focuses on making sure students enter kindergarten ready to succeed and on ensuring they have high-quality teachers throughout their PreK-12 education. These strategies are especially important for students in low-income communities who often enter school far behind their peers, consistently land in classrooms with the least effective teachers, and often fail to graduate high school prepared for their futures.

The Education Program has spent the last decade helping establish a research base that shows excellent teachers are the main in-school driver for student success. We have worked to overhaul district hiring practices, make teacher evaluations more meaningful, link the evaluations to tenure and layoff decisions, and raise teacher voices. We are now focused on making sure teachers are properly prepared before they enter the classroom, that new evaluations help guide better professional development, and that teachers get the support and career opportunities they need to excel.

But we also know the best way to ensure children excel in school is to start early – by preparing them academically and developmentally for kindergarten. Studies show that at least half the achievement gap affecting low-income children already exists by kindergarten. A contributing factor is absenteeism: emerging research shows that chronic absenteeism long a problem in K-12 schools actually begins in preschool. About 25 percent of children enrolled in Washington, DC Head Start programs miss more than 10 percent of the school year. In Chicago, it is 36 percent of Head Start children and, in New York, a staggering 49 percent. The Joyce Foundation is working to address this problem by supporting a pilot program in Chicago to engage families of young children through the use of low-cost digital tools and by funding an effort to identify other such digital tools nationwide.

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Joint Fund for Educationand Employment

From cradle to career

Becoming college and career ready is a process that starts early in life and continues into adulthood. But, far too many students emerge from high school unprepared to succeed in higher education or excel in an ever-changing job market, where employers across the Great Lakes region are looking for workers with a range of cognitive, technical, and personal skills. We saw a need to look at the entire system from cradle to career, and created the Joint Fund for Education and Employment.

The Joint Fund bridges our Education and Employment Programs to identify policy and practice innovations to improve education and employment outcomes—and then scale them up. This new portfolio focuses on building pathways that connect high school, postsecondary education, and work; growing personal success skills, such as initiative and collaboration, that are essential for academic and employment success; and increasing student engagement by scaling innovative teaching and learning approaches, including personalized learning, project-based learning, and tech-enabled learning, that improve student outcomes.

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A clean naturalenvironment to nurturebody and spiritImage courtesy of Moheb Soliman

Our Environment Program supports policies that safeguard the region’s air and freshwater resources, including cleaner energy systems and the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes.

In our energy and climate work, we support strong state utility sector energy efficiency policies alongside cleaner power generation. Not only is energy efficiency the fastest, cheapest way to reduce carbon pollution, it also creates jobs and saves consumers money on their energy bills. We are also working with Midwest states to develop aggressive plans to reduce carbon pollution from the electric power sector as required by new US EPA rules. Research has shown that in all six states represented by our Environment Program, energy efficiency is the lowest-cost approach to implement the federal Clean Power Plan.

We believe the health and resilience of the Great Lakes can be significantly improved by making simultaneous progress on three interconnected issues: preventing aquatic invasive species such as Asian Carp from invading the Great Lakes; reducing polluted runoff from farms and cities; and maintaining the Great Lakes as a bipartisan policy priority, especially through the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

The spirit of regional and international cooperation that led to the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 and, more recently, the Great Lakes Compact of 2005 continues to this day. The most recent illustration of the binational commitment to the region was the June 2015 agreement between the states of Michigan and Ohio and the province of Ontario to reduce phosphorous runoff into the Western Lake Erie Basin to lower the risk of toxic algal blooms. These outbreaks threaten public drinking water supplies, disrupt recreation and commerce in Lake Erie, and have become a growing concern throughout the Great Lakes.

In addition to funding research and advocacy aimed at cleaning up the Midwest energy system and protecting our Great Lakes, Joyce often brings together diverse interests—public, private, and nonprofit—to discuss how best to protect and restore the Great Lakes region. Convening those who advocate and those who implement can help ensure that proposed solutions work as intended.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Protecting ourcommunities

We know all too well the impact of gun violence in America: nine people shot and killed at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, nine people shot dead as they participated in Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015 ... 20 children and six educators killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 ... 32 people killed at Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007. Mass shootings horrify the nation, but equally tragic are the individual firearm deaths, including the heavy toll of suicides. Of the 33,636 firearm deaths in 2013 (most recent year for available data), 21,175 were suicides.

As we work with partner organizations and individual citizens across the United States to curb an epidemic unique among our peers, we are guided by three strategies: reducing access to firearms by people who pose a risk to themselves or others, engaging law enforcement and other key stakeholders working together with communities in gun violence prevention, and building a body of research and data to inform prevention policies and practices.

Despite inaction in Washington, D.C., progress is being made in the states. Supporters of sensible gun violence prevention measures are building a sustained community of activists and allies. We believe progress can be made on policies such as expanding background checks on firearm purchases and strengthening the tools of law enforcement.

Oregon, for example, enacted two common-sense gun violence prevention laws in 2015. One expands background checks to include private gun sales—a secondary market in which guns can reach convicted felons. The second measure bars possession of firearms by people who are convicted of a domestic violence crime against a family member or subject to a domestic violence restraining order.

And a new California law taking effect in 2016 establishes gun violence restraining orders. Immediate family members, domestic partners, and police will have the ability to petition courts for an order that temporarily takes guns away from those who pose a heightened risk of violence to themselves or others.

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Enriching our livesthrough arts andculture from diversetraditions

The arts are an integral part of communities and a major contributor to the economy. We work to improve communities through the arts and support art that reflects and challenges the community.

Our Culture Program supports a number of arts organizations in Chicago around efforts to build capacity, create important work, and reflect the community—from the board room to the stage. Building on our history of promoting greater diversity in the arts and supporting cultural institutions set in communities of color, Joyce launched a new partnership with 10 leading Chicago arts and cultural organizations to help them achieve greater sustained diversification along with long-term operating success.

We worked collaboratively with 10 of our long-time grantees to design a three-year grant program—the Spotlight Grants—that would provide resources and room to grow according their own priorities and needs.

On a regional level, we also invest in projects by artists of color to develop the Midwest’s creative capital and to catalyze community engagement through the annual Joyce Awards program. We’ve awarded more than $2.4 million to commission 46 new works since the program started in 2003.

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Expanding votingrights and holding fairelections

The landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 was enacted to prevent state and local governments from suppressing the votes of African Americans. Fifty years later, voting rights advocates are fighting to protect that hard-won victory while also working to expand ballot access for all. Their challenge? An electoral system that is “ramshackle, rife with error, and prone to partisan manipulation,” as described by the Brennan Center for Justice, a Joyce grantee.

As we strive to repair outmoded voting laws, systems, and machinery, Joyce also engages with grantees on important democracy reform issues, such as campaign finance, electoral systems, election administration and judicial independence. Our Democracy Program is focused on the values and qualities that are the foundation of a healthy democratic system: honesty, fairness, transparency, accountability, competition, and informed citizen participation.

We work with grantee partners to embed these values in the political cultures of Great Lakes states to open the political process to more candidates, more voters, and more perspectives. A great deal is at stake, as political reform is not an end unto itself: it’s about having a government that can function effectively in the face of tough policy challenges.

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2014 Grants

Total Grants: 250

Approved: $38,287,378

Paid: $37,623,729

EducationApproved: $3,720,000Paid: $7,871,961Grants: 18DemocracyApproved: $4,121,000Paid: $2,840,000Grants: 28
50CANWashington, DC $20,000 For support of MinnCAN, its Minnesota chapter, to pursue an advocacy campaign that includes teacher quality reforms and support for replicating high-quality charter schools in the state (1 yr) Bellwether Education PartnersWellesley, MA $253,000 To support expansion of its work on teacher pension reform issues through key policy reports, and to seed work on teacher preparation/licensure policy reform (1 yr) Charter School PartnersMinneapolis, MN $100,000 To support advocacy and outreach programs to increase the number of high-quality schools in Minneapolis (1 yr) Education Reform NowNew York, NY $150,000 For continued funding to support its engagement of community and faith leaders, elected officials, and youth on issues related to the need for more high-quality school options in Chicago (1 yr) Education Writers AssociationWashington, DC $139,000 To improve media coverage of Education policy issues by strengthening the capacity of journalists across the country, with a particular focus on Great Lakes region reporters (1 yr) Educators 4 ExcellenceNew York, NY $200,000 To support efforts to drive student outcomes by engaging and mobilizing teachers and elevating their voices in local education policy conversations (1 yr) Latino Policy ForumChicago, IL $500,000 To advocate for the development and successful implementation of policies to improve instruction and early literacy outcomes for dual-language learners in Illinois (2 yrs) Minneapolis FoundationMinneapolis, MN $100,000 To support the Education Transformation Initiative's IFF Quality Schools Study for Minneapolis (1 yr) National Association of Charter School AuthorizersChicago, IL $100,000 To advocate for policies to improve charter school accountability and strengthen authorizing practices in Indiana and Minnesota (1 yr) National Council on Teacher QualityWashington, DC $200,000 To support research and production of the annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook and the 2015 State of the States report, which, this year, will spotlight policies on principal evaluations (1 yr) New America FoundationWashington, DC $225,000 To conduct a 50-state evaluation of key preK-3rd grade education policies that could help states ensure that all children are on track to reading on grade level by the end of third grade (18 mos) Ounce of Prevention FundChicago, IL $500,000 To advance the early learning tools, policies, and systems needed to improve early literacy outcomes for students in grades preK-3 in Illinois (2 yrs) Public ImpactChapel Hill, NC $250,000 To support Opportunity Culture site expansion and policy analysis within local school districts and states, particularly in the Great Lakes (1 yr) Stand for Children Leadership CenterPortland, OR $300,000 To strengthen the young family engagement program, Stand University for Parents, which the Foundation helped to establish (1 yr) Students for Education ReformNew York, NY $103,000 To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing in Minnesota (1 yr) Teach For America Inc.Minneapolis, MN $100,000 For its Twin Cities office to support the creation of Minnesota's first alternative licensure program in partnership with the University of Minnesota (2 yrs) Teach For America Inc.New York, NY $100,000 To support Leadership for Educational Equity's efforts to catalyze education reform by providing leadership development to Teach for America alumni (1 yr) The Mind TrustIndianapolis, IN $200,000 To support an Innovation School Fellowship that will help launch Innovation Network Schools in Indianapolis Public Schools (1 yr) close
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc.New York, NY $50,000 To support additional research using the efficiency gap in Wisconsin. (1 yr) Asian Americans Advancing Justice - ChicagoChicago, IL $150,000 To support three critical components of AAAJ's vision: public education to limited English residents, youth civic engagement around political reform, and targeted community engagement. (2 yrs) Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.Washington, DC $100,000 To support continued work on redistricting and modernizing election administration in Ohio (1 yr) Business and Professional People for the Public InterestChicago, IL $350,000 For renewed support with a focus on coalition development. (2yrs) Clean Water FundClinton Township, MI $350,000 to build a grassroots base and pro-active agenda for important democracy reform work in Minnesota. (27 mos) Common Cause Education FundWashington, DC $300,000 To build support for democracy reforms in the Great Lakes states. (1yr) DemosNew York, NY $50,000 To support our work to address the outsized influence of money in politics. (1 yr) FairVoteTakoma Park, MD $92,000 To support a communications project about how best to introduce different voting methods to the general public and to target changemakers, Midwest community leaders and members of charter commission and legislatures. (1yr) FairVote Minnesota FoundationMinneapolis, MN $200,000 To promote Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in Minnesota. (2 yrs) Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee RightsChicago, IL $150,000 for project support regarding a youth civic engagement program. (2 yrs) Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education FundChicago, IL $50,000 To expand ILPIRG EF youth civic engagement program to campuses across Illinois. (2 yrs) Justice at StakeWashington, DC $400,000 To support an in-depth assessment of where each state stands in terms of judicial reform. (2 yrs) League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education FundSt. Paul, MN $140,000 To advance democracy reform movement with coalition partners and fund an on-line curriculum/traveling exhibit on voting barriers. (27 mos) League of Women Voters of Ohio Education FundColumbus, OH $150,000 Focusing on Judicial Reform and election Administration Reform. (29 mos) Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation Inc.Chicago, IL $100,000 To engage Chicago youth in the Illinois Next Generation Leadership Agenda and develop the next generation of policy advocates through policy internships. (2yrs) Minnesota Council on Crime and JusticeMinneapolis, MN $113,000 Civic Engagement of Minnesotans with Criminal Records (27 mos) Minnesota Council on FoundationsMinneapolis, MN $50,000 To support advancement of our democracy policy commitment. (2 yrs) New Organizing Institute Education FundWashington, DC $150,000 For Chicago Votes' work around civic engagement and education among Chicago's Millennial Generation, and to build public support for political reform efforts. (2 yrs) New Venture FundWashington, DC $25,000 to support convenings of funders interested in civic engagement and democracy reforms in Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan. (1yr) Organizing Apprenticeship ProjectMinneapolis, MN $63,000 For building a strong statewide base and policy agenda for democracy reform in communities of color, and aligning this base with partners to advance strategic democracy reform in Minnesota. (2 yrs) Prison Policy InitiativeNorthampton, MA $50,000 to support a project to end prison gerrymandering in the Midwest Region $50,000 (2 yrs) Public Interest Projects Inc.New York, NY $40,000 1. Gearing up a 2015 educational and organizing effort to prepare for 2020 Census. 2. Support for holding 2015 FCCP Spring Convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (1 yr) Public Interest Projects Inc.New York, NY $40,000 The Shelby Response Fund: to convene civil rights groups, good government groups and other stakeholders to strengthen the protection of voting rights for minority voters. (1 yr) State VoicesDetroit, MI $100,000 Michigan Voice was formed to improve long-term coordination and communication among civic and voter engagement organizations in the state. (1 yr) Street-Level Youth MediaChicago, IL $50,000 Street-Level plans to develop our NextGen Media Project into a yearlong youth civic engagement campaign in 2015. (1 yr) TakeAction Minnesota Education FundSt. Paul, MN $233,000 To support voting rights, call attention to the impact of money in politics, and reform Minnesota's redistricting system. (27 mos) The Minnesota Public Interest Research GroupMinneapolis, MN $175,000 to building a pro-democracy movement in Minnesota. (27 mos) William J. Brennan Jr. Center for JusticeNew York, NY $400,000 State-based national Democracy Program activities that support initiatives in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs) close
EmploymentApproved: $8,790,000Paid: $7,721,500Grants: 23Gun Violence PreventionApproved: $6,059,280Paid: $4,792,836Grants: 29
ACT FoundationAustin, TX $600,000 For continued management of the National Network of Business and Industry Associations. (2 yrs) Brandon Roberts + AssociatesChevy Chase, MD $475,000 For continued funding of the Working Poor Families Project. (2 yrs) Center for American ProgressWashington, DC $100,000 To support analysis, development, and promotion of policies to support apprenticeships (1 yr) Center for Law and Social PolicyWashington, DC $500,000 To support the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways and federal policy work aimed at increasing valuable educational opportunities for low-income adult workers. (20 mos) Chicago Jobs CouncilChicago, IL $200,000 For continued advocacy and technical support for initiatives to integrate workforce development programs with both adult basic education services and economic development strategy across Illinois, but with a focus on the Chicago area; and for planning related to the departure of the longstanding Executive Director. (1yr) Council for Adult and Experiential LearningChicago, IL $360,000 For outreach to employers to build partnerships for the LearningCounts service, and for a partnership with a behavioral science firm to increase the effectiveness of LearningCounts in serving low-skilled adults. (2 yrs) Education Growth AdvisorsStamford, CT $250,000 To produce a research report on the market for learning technologies for adults. (1 yr) Georgetown University Center on Education and the WorkforceWashington, DC $400,000 To conduct research and to provide technical assistance to state government officials on effective use of data systems for aligning the education and workforce development systems, and making data-informed investments. (2 yrs) German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc.Chicago, IL $300,000 To develop best practices in expanding the German model of dual education for vocational training in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs) Indiana Community Action AssociationIndianapolis, IN $200,000 For continued support of the Indiana Institute for Working Families and its Skills2Compete campaign. (2 yrs) Innovate+EducateSanta Fe, NM $500,000 To launch and evaluate a skill-based hiring effort in Northeast Ohio. (2 yrs) Jobs for the FutureBoston, MA $250,000 To support the dissemination of findings from the Accelerating Opportunity research demonstration project. (3 yrs) Jobs for the FutureBoston, MA $310,000 For continued management of the Congressional Staff Network for Workforce Development and Economic Security. (2 yrs) LeadersUpSeattle, WA $125,000 To the support the Chicago-launch and national activities around the Future at Work initiative. (1 yr) National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital TechnologiesWashington, DC $450,000 To provide support to sites testing technologies for adult learning as part of a previously approved grant to SRI International. (18 mos) National Skills CoalitionWashington, DC $850,000 To support federal workforce policy advocacy; technical assistance to state workforce reform coalitions and policymakers; and national initiatives such as Business Leaders United and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign. (2 yrs) Skills For Chicagoland's FutureChicago, IL $150,000 To support evaluation activities and sharing of lessons learned. (1 yr) SRI InternationalMenlo Park, CA $1,100,000 For an evaluation of the effectiveness of technology-enabled learning strategies to promote basic skill development for adults. (2 yrs) Stanford UniversityStandford, CA $435,000 To design, test and evaluate "mindset" interventions intended to increase the education and employment outcomes of adult learners in various post-secondary education settings. (2 yrs) Teachers College, Columbia UniversityNew York, NY $300,000 To support a collaborative research project between Columbia's Community College Research Center, City Colleges of Chicago, and the Civic Consulting Alliance to improve City College student education and employment outcomes. (2 yrs) The Aspen Institute Inc.Washington, DC $300,000 For continued support for Skills for America's Future (2 yrs) The Manufacturing InstituteWashington, DC $135,000 For continued work promoting use of national skills credentials in the manufacturing sector. (1 yr) Women Employed InstituteChicago, IL $500,000 For policy advocacy and for system reform efforts to ensure that low-income, low-skilled adults can obtain postsecondary credentials with economic value. (2 yrs) close
American College of Preventive MedicineWashington, DC $225,280 To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System program (1 yr) Boston Children's HospitalBoston, MA $100,000 For creation of a public-facing interactive information resource providing real-time information on gun ownership and gun-related violence. (1 yr) Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education FundPhiladelphia, PA $325,000 To support public engagement and policy education work (1 yr) Center for American ProgressWashington, DC $450,000 For policy and advocacy work on gun violence prevention (1 yr) Citizens for a Safer Minnesota Education FundSt. Paul, MN $67,000 To support gun violence prevention organizing in Minnesota. (7 mos) Citizens for a Safer Minnesota Education FundSt. Paul, MN $35,000 For managing its organizational transition. (3 mos) City of Chicago, Office of the MayorChicago, IL $100,000 To support the City's efforts to reduce gun crime in Chicago and build support for common-sense laws at the local, state and federal level. (1 yr) City of Chicago, Office of the MayorChicago, IL $50,000 To support the City's efforts to reduce gun crime in Chicago and build support for common-sense laws at the local, state and federal level. (1 yr) City of MilwaukeeMilwaukee, WI $190,000 For a research study of the characteristics of victims and suspects of firearm violence in Milwaukee. (18 mos) City of Minneapolis Police DepartmentMinneapolis, MN $30,000 For a community engagement initiative to reduce gun violence. (1 yr) Educational Fund to Stop Gun ViolenceWashington, DC $170,000 For policy advocacy to prevent at-risk persons from accessing firearms, to organize survivors of gun violence, and to develop a plan to use municipal buying power as a strategy for influencing the gun industry (1 yr) Everytown for Gun Safety Support FundNew York, NY $350,000 To support three educational campaigns targeting gun owners, grassroots supporters and college/university communities. (1yr) Illinois Council Against Handgun ViolenceChicago, IL $250,000 For programs and outreach to reduce gun violence throughout Illinois. (1 yr) ISAIAHSt. Paul, MN $68,000 To support a faith-based gun violence prevention organizing project in Minnesota. (6 mos) Legal Community Against ViolenceSan Francisco, CA $330,000 For legal and technical assistance for state and local gun violence prevention efforts, convening the Second Amendment Litigation conference, and educating the public about gun violence and regulation. (1 yr) MomsRising Education FundBellevue, WA $50,000 To continue its gun safety project. (1 yr) National Physicians Alliance Foundation, Inc.Washington, DC $50,000 To educate and engage physicians for gun violence prevention. (1 yr) New Venture FundWashington, DC $66,000 To educate and engage campus leaders on the dangers of policies allowing guns on college campuses. (1 yr) New Venture FundWashington, DC $55,000 To support an initiative to educate and engage law enforcement and local government officials on gun retailer best practices to reduce gun violence. (1 yr) New Venture FundWashington, DC $150,000 To support a media watchdog project on gun violence and gun safety issues. (1 yr) New Venture FundWashington, DC $923,000 To support a pilot state campaign to educate conflicted voters and gun owners about the need for stronger gun policies (1 yr) PICO National NetworkOakland, CA $175,000 To mobilize faith-based, diverse communities for gun violence prevention (1 yr) The Police FoundationWashington, DC $150,000 For continued support of the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence (1 yr) President and Fellows of Harvard CollegeBoston, MA $480,000 For research on preventing firearm violence. (18 mos) States United to Prevent Gun ViolenceChicago, IL $58,000 To support shared resources for state-based gun violence prevention groups (1 yr) The Regents of the University of CaliforniaDavis, CA $107,000 For a research project to evaluate the effects of comprehensive background check policies (1 yr) Violence Policy CenterWashington, DC $250,000 To support research, public education, communications, advocacy, and coalition efforts in support of effective gun violence prevention policies. (1 yr) WAVE Educational FundMilwaukee, WI $330,000 To support the Wisconsin Gun Violence Prevention Project. (1 yr) William J. Brennan Jr. Center for JusticeNew York, NY $475,000 Creating a fellowship for an experienced lawyer or scholar to explore and shape constitutional jurisprudence. (2 yrs) close
EnvironmentApproved: $8,325,000Paid: $7,892,000Grants: 30Special OpportunitiesApproved: $3,602,500Paid: $2,725,834Grants: 20
Alliance for the Great LakesChicago, IL $400,000 A multifaceted approach to protecting and preserving the Great Lakes (2 yrs) American Rivers Inc.Washington, DC $300,000 In support of efforts to promote policies and practices that reduce stormwater pollution in the Great Lakes. (2yrs) Center for Clean Air PolicyWashington, DC $150,000 to work with stakeholders in the Midwest to support adoption of cost-effective policies-both EPA guidance and state implementation plans. (1 yr) Center for Neighborhood TechnologyChicago, IL $300,000 For continued support of advocacy protection for the Great Lakes, with particular emphasis on promoting the increased use of green infrastructure and new means of financing conventional infrastructure. (2 yrs) Clean Wisconsin Inc.Madison, WI $300,000 To support state and regional efforts to advance energy efficiency policy and programs throughout Wisconsin and the region (2 yrs) Clean Wisconsin Inc.Madison, WI $600,000 For continued support for the Great Lakes conservation and restoration campaign (2 yrs) Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.Grand Haven, MI $25,000 to support the Great Lakes Funders Collaboration (1 yr) Ecology Center Inc.Ann Arbor, MI $150,000 to build support for policies in Michigan to boost energy efficiency and cut emissions of carbon pollution from the state's electric power sector. (1 yr) Environmental Defence Canada Inc.Toronto, Ontario $50,000 To support continued efforts on behalf of the Great Lakes. (1 yr) Environmental Defense Fund Inc.New York, NY $600,000 To advance clean energy initiatives in the Midwest, particularly in Illinois and Ohio. (2 yrs) Fresh EnergySt. Paul, MN $340,000 to support Midwest Energy News' game-changing journalistic coverage of the transition to a clean energy economy. (19 mos) Fresh EnergySt. Paul, MN $270,000 continued support to protect and expand energy efficiency policies in Minnesota (27mos) Global Philanthropy PartnershipChicago, IL $55,000 Chicago Area Higher Education Retrofit Program, to improve energy efficiency practices on Chicago-area campuses. (1 yr) Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc.Chicago, IL $250,000 To support work with cities in 2014-2016 to advance Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River protection and restoration efforts and ensure cities remain a strong voice both regionally and in Washington, DC and Ottawa for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. (2 yrs) Great Lakes CommissionAnn Arbor, MI $400,000 For continued support of the Restoring the Natural Divide in the Chicago Area Waterway System project in partnership with the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. (2 yrs) Great Lakes CommissionAnn Arbor, MI $50,000 to support its work related to nutrient pollution and toxic algal outbreaks on Lake Erie. (1 yr) Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development Inc.Minneapolis, MN $500,000 to work in four complementary areas over the next 2 years, aiming to further scale up energy efficiency (and combined heat & power), and to ensure that energy efficiency in its many forms is the first "generation" option of choice in MN (2 yrs) Illinois Environmental Council Education FundSpringfield, IL $180,000 continued support of energy efficiency and carbon pollution reduction education and organizing efforts (2 yrs) Metropolitan Planning CouncilChicago, IL $200,000 To support the Optimizing Stormwater Management Planning and Investment initiative. (2 yrs) Michigan Environmental CouncilLansing, MI $460,000 This grant will renew support for four organizations: MEC, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Michigan United Conservation Clubs and Michigan Trout Unlimited (2 yrs) Michigan Land Use InstituteTraverse City, MI $150,000 to promote energy efficiency investments and policies in Michigan (2 yrs) National Fish and Wildlife FoundationBloomington, MN $100,000 continued support of the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund (2 yrs) National Wildlife FederationReston, VA $480,000 support work to protect and restore the Great Lakes (2 yrs) Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.New York, NY $850,000 defending, implementing, and increasing state EE standards-with our policy advocacy at the federal level aimed at developing a national carbon regime for the power sector. (2yrs) Northeast-Midwest InstituteWashington, DC $75,000 To support the Great Lakes Washington Program. (1 yr) Ohio Environmental CouncilColumbus, OH $240,000 I. Mitigate the Impacts of Senate Bill 310 on Ohio's Energy Efficiency Standards and Programs. II. Work with state regulators and administrators to incorporate energy efficiency. (1 yr) Resource MediaSan Francisco, CA $100,000 To generate media attention around toxic algae. (1 yr) Rockefeller Family FundNew York, NY $350,000 For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy collaborative, including its energy efficiency working group and a new energy efficiency rapid response fund. (2 yrs) The Next GenerationSan Francisco, CA $300,000 to support Center for the Next Generation for Midwest research and outreach on financial risks associated with climate change as part of the national Risky Business initiative. (1 yr) Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and LettersMadison, WI $100,000 To use the Academy's unique capacities as a nonpartisian science and cultural organization to advance sound water policy and stewardship in Wisconsin. (2 yrs) close
Center for American ProgressWashington, DC $100,000 To engage young people in the Midwest on gun violence prevention and democracy issues (1 yr) Chicago Public Media Inc.Chicago, IL $175,000 For in-depth regional reporting on issues of importance to the Great Lakes region, including education, employment, environment, or gun violence prevention (1 yr) Chicago Urban LeagueChicago, IL $140,000 To support the launch of an African American Leadership Development Program (2 yrs) EMBARC Inc.Chicago, IL $100,000 For salary support of the executive director (2 yrs) Grantmakers in the ArtsSeattle, WA $170,000 To support Project Enrich (1 yr) Harvard UniversityCambridge, MA $100,000 To support efforts of Harvard University and its Hauser Institute for Civil Society to launch the Sustain Arts Chicago, a user friendly data platform for the arts. (1 yr) MDRCNew York, NY $300,000 For research and development activities intended to generate effective, scalable interventions to address challenges in the education and workforce development sectors (3 yrs) Metropolitan Planning CouncilChicago, IL $150,000 to develop the first ever, comprehensive vision and plan for the Chicago and Calumet Rivers. (18 mos) MinnPostMinneapolis, MN $100,000 To support effective democracy and regional environmental coverage. (2 yrs) National Public Radio Inc.Washington, DC $300,000 For coverage of education, energy, employment, and gun violence issues, as well as for two reporter trainings (2 yrs) New Organizing Institute Education FundWashington, DC $115,000 To provide Joyce grantees with trainings on public narrative and data-driven campaigns (1 yr) Small Business Majority Foundation, Inc.Washington, DC $100,000 For research and outreach with small business owners in the Great Lakes to support advancements in workforce development, energy efficiency, and democracy. (1 yr) State VoicesDetroit, MI $150,000 For data services and technology to increase the effectiveness of policy advocacy by Illinois nonprofits (2 yrs) Stewards of Affordable Housing for the FutureWashington, DC $50,000 to pilot the support of an innovative pay-for-success approach to financing energy efficiency retrofits in multifamily affordable housing. (1 yr) Tapfound Inc. DBA Taproot FoundationSan Francisco, CA $52,500 For renewed support to coordinate pro bono professional consulting services to seven Chicago-area Joyce Foundation grantees, with a goal of strengthening their infrastructure and expanding their capacity (1 yr) The Aspen Institute Inc.Washington, DC $250,000 For continued support of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and the Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund (2 yrs) The Barack Obama FoundationChicago, IL $1,000,000 To support the design and development of the Obama Presidential Library (3 yrs) The University of ChicagoChicago, IL $100,000 For a research project to inform the design of large scale programs to help at-risk youth (1 yr) Window to the World Communications Inc.Chicago, IL $100,000 To support reporting on environment, education, and employment issues on Chicago Tonight and the PBS NewsHour (1 yr) Wisconsin Center for Investigative JournalismMadison, WI $50,000 To increase the quality and quantity of investigative reporting in Wisconsin, while training the current and future generations of investigative journalists. (1 yr) close
CultureApproved: $1,660,000Paid: $1,770,000Grants: 33Joint FundApproved: $832,000Paid: $832,000Grants: 4
Americans for the ArtsWashington, DC $60,000 To support a Cultural Equity Pre-Conference for the 2015 Chicago-based Americans for the Arts annual conference. (1yr) Arts & Business Council of ChicagoChicago, IL $35,000 To strengthen and diversify Chicago's cultural sector through its On BOARD and Business Volunteers for the Arts programs. (1yr) Asian Improv aRts MidwestChicago, IL $40,000 For capacity building initiatives. Asian Improv aRts MidwestChicago, IL $50,000 to support a one-year grant of $50,000 to Asian Improv aRts Midwest for capacity building initiatives. (1 yr) Black Ensemble Theater CorporationChicago, IL $75,000 For capacity building. (1 yr) Black Women Playwrights' GroupChicago, IL $50,000 To support the cyber narrative project. (1 yr) Cerqua Rivera Art ExperienceChicago, IL $25,000 For salary support for the current development director, the artistic associate/community coordinator/rehearsal director, and for a quarter-time subsidy for a new social media/public relations coordinator. (1 yr) Chicago Human Rhythm ProjectChicago, IL $40,000 Chicago, IL $40,000 To support the program manager position for the American Rhythm Center (ARC), and ARC space rental fees for a diverse range of emerging, culturally-specific, and community-based artists and companies. (1 yr) Chicago Sinfonietta Inc.Chicago, IL $100,000 To support programming, audience development, board and administrative development, and long-term planning (1 yr) Chicago Theatre Group Inc.Chicago, IL $125,000 To support artistic development and diversity initiatives (1 yr) City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special EventsChicago, IL $50,000 For its Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' Artist and Curatorial Residency Program in visual art. (1 yr) Columbia CollegeChicago, IL $40,000 For The Black Dandy project at Columbia College, Museum of Contemporary Photography. Future funding is possible should the exhibition achieve the diverse audience it intends. (1yr) Columbia College Chicago Center for Black Music ResearchChicago, IL $40,000 For its Center for Black Music Research to support the creation of FREE/PHASE, an intermedia suite including music, sound art, video, and documentary and archival elements by media artists Mendi and Keith Obadike. (1 yr) Congo Square Theatre CompanyChicago, IL $35,000 For continued support of staff salaries. (1 yr) Court TheatreChicago, IL $60,000 For continued salary support for African American director Ron OJ Parson (1 yr) Gilloury InstituteChicago, IL $50,000 To strengthen organizational capacity through funding the position of artistic director and live theater and online play production support (1 yr) Hyde Park Art CenterChicago, IL $75,000 To support a newly created deputy director position (1 yr) Hyde Park Jazz FestivalChicago, IL $20,000 To develop an audio/video prototype about Chicago jazz (1 yr) MiznaSt. Paul, MN $30,000 to support a one-year grant of $30,000 to Mizna for a Great Lakes travel and writing residency project with artist Moheb Soliman. (1yr) Museum of Contemporary Art DetroitDetroit, MI $50,000 To commission a new multimedia work from visual artist Sanford Biggers. (1yr) National Museum of Mexican ArtChicago, IL $75,000 For capacity building (2 yrs) Old Town School of Folk MusicChicago, IL $50,000 For continued support of the Cultural Heritage Project (1 yr) Power House ProductionsDetroit, MI $50,000 To commission an outdoor "ride-able" sculpture from visual artist Nari Ward. (1yr) Puerto Rican Arts AllianceChicago, IL $60,000 To support salaries to expand hours for current staff and add a full-time office manager (1 yr) Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra SocietySt. Paul, MN $50,000 To commission new music from Roberto Carlos Lange/"Helado Negro". (1yr) Sones de Mexico EnsembleChicago, IL $25,000 For its 20th Anniversary Concert in Millennium Park and cross-cultural collaboration with blues and Irish musicians (1 yr) Steppenwolf Theater Co.Chicago, IL $50,000 For continued support of its Multicultural Fellowship program. Teatro Vista Theatre with A ViewChicago, IL $50,000 To commission a new play from Sandra Delgado. (1yr) The Board and Trustees of the University of IllinoisChicago, IL $25,000 For staff support for the upcoming Latino Art Now! (Inter-University Program for Latino Research) conference. (1yr) The University of ChicagoChicago, IL $60,000 To support the Board Leadership Certificate Program to be run by the South Side Arts and Humanities Network (1 yr) United States ArtistsChicago, IL $25,000 To support artists of color's participation in the USA Chicago Artists Convening in March 2015. (1 yr) Victory Gardens TheaterChicago, IL $60,000 For production support for the world premiere of "A Wonder In My Soul" by Marcus Gardley to be developed in collaboration with Artistic Director Chay Yew (1 yr) Young Chicago AuthorsChicago, IL $30,000 To support artistic mentorship and financial support for emerging poets as they develop their work (1 yr) close
Advance IllinoisChicago, IL $162,000 To support the development of regional high school and community college/university transition redesign programs (1 yr) CityBridge FoundationWashington, DC $100,000 To engage popular author Paul Tough to write a handbook and build a website for policy makers and practitioners that examines the relationship between childhood adversity and adult outcomes and details which interventions-related to non-cognitive (1 yr) MDRCNew York, NY $350,000 To conduct a scan of programmatic and policy approaches underway in the Great Lakes designed to increase high school graduation and college readiness by incorporating work-based learning, early college options, and structured pathways (1yr) SRI InternationalMenlo Park, CA $220,000 To research and write a report on the importance of and approaches to helping adults develop "Personal Success Skills," incorporating the latest science, policy, and evidence-based practice. (1 yr) close
Discretionary, Memberships, and Employee MatchingApproved: $1,177,598Paid: $1,177,598Grants: 65
Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Inc.Chicago, IL $20,000 To support a multi-project initiative in conjunction with their 50th anniversary activities. (1 yr) Beverly Arts CenterChicago, IL $21,000 To support an increase in programming that speaks to a diverse crowd, and increases participation of a diversity of individuals and families seeking to expand their cultural horizons. (1 yr) Chicago Theatre Group Inc.Chicago, IL $3,000 To fund the recording of Nelson Gonzalez's original music from The Happiest Song Plays Last by Quiara Algria Hudes, a 2009 Joyce Awardee. (1 yr) Deeply Rooted ProductionsChicago, IL $10,000 JOMBA! Initiative (1 yr) eta Creative Arts FoundationChicago, IL $15,000 To hire contractor for strategic planning. (1 yr) Grantmakers in the ArtsSeattle, WA $15,000 Seeking support for GIA annual conference which provides national opportunity for arts grantmakers from across the country to come together and share information about the latest initiatives in grantmaking. (1 yr) Hyde Park Art CenterChicago, IL $5,000 To support of its 75th anniversary events. (1 yr) International Latino Cultural Center of ChicagoChicago, IL $20,000 For performance by the Recycled Orchestra (1 yr) National Association of Latino Arts and CultureSan Antonio, TX $5,000 For scholarships to attend its upcoming Regional Art Training Workshop in Detroit (1 yr) South Chicago Art CenterChicago, IL $30,000 Capacity building. (1 yr) The University of Chicago Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies The Cultural Policy CenterChicago, IL $10,000 Continuing work on the grant awarded by The Joyce Foundation to develop a "Research Agenda for the Arts in Chicago." (1 yr) Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.Washington, DC $30,000 To support public education efforts promoting the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (1 yr) Justice at StakeWashington, DC $25,000 To support its strategic planning process (1 yr) The Pew Charitable TrustsWashington, DC $40,000 To support research on the efficacy of social media tactics to increase the use of online voter registration (1 yr) Colorado Nonprofit Development CenterDenver, CO $25,000 To support ongoing education coverage in Indiana, with particular focus on Indianapolis Public Schools, teacher quality, and charter schools (9 mos) National Conference of State LegislaturesDenver, CO $27,000 To help fund a training session on teacher preparation/licensure policies (1 yr) Be The Change Inc.Cambridge, MA $10,000 To support the Apprenticeship Session at the Opportunity Nation Summit. (1 yr) Center for Law and Social PolicyWashington, DC $10,000 To support a communications effort around the release of the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways. (6 mos) The Chicago Public Library FoundationChicago, IL $25,000 To support the design and early implementation of a citywide digital literacy initiative through the Chicago Public Library system (1 yr) Communities Foundation of Texas Inc.Dallas, TX $25,000 For Sponsorship of two sessions at the 2015 South by Southwest Education Conference, focused on adult learning and workforce development. (1 yr) Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (IndyCAN)Indianapolis, IN $25,000 To support its Career Pipelines Project (1 yr) Innovate+EducateSanta Fe, NM $11,000 To support the annual "Close It" summit. (1 yr) Jobs for the FutureBoston, MA $25,000 To support the annual conference of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions (1 yr) Jobs for the FutureBoston, MA $5,000 To support a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored convening of Trade Adjustment Act Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) program grantees. (1 mos) Northern Illinois UniversityChicago, IL $20,000 To support the 2nd Annual Illinois 60 by 25 Network Workshop. (1 yr) UP GlobalSeattle, WA $1,000 To support the first ever Start Up Weekend focused on post-secondary education, to be hosted in Chicago in September 2014. (1 mos) Clean Wisconsin Inc.Madison, WI $15,000 To support an engineering analysis of a water supply alternative beyond the diversion (1 yr) Council of Great Lakes Governors Inc.Chicago, IL $25,000 To support the Great Lakes Governors/Premiers Summit (1 yr) National Wildlife FederationReston, VA $2,300 Seeking support for the Peter Wedge Tribute Luncheon and the annual restoration conference. (1 yr) Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.New York, NY $50,000 To immediately organize and deploy a major, multi-state campaign to fight for state-by-state implementation of the carbon standards, and clean energy policies/programs to implement the state plans. (1 yr) Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds TrustMilwaukee, WI $20,000 To retain a consultant or consultants to assist it with its executive transition process ultimately leading to the hire of a new executive director. (9 mos) Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.Cambridge, MA $20,000 To support the Midwestern Carbon Rule Advocates Technical Meeting $20,000 (1 yr) Association of Prosecuting AttorneysWashington, DC $20,000 To support a convening that will establish a national coalition of prosecutors against gun violence (3 mos) City of Milwaukee Office of the MayorMilwaukee, WI $38,000 Support for the 2014 Milwaukee/Minneapolis Summit to Combat Gun Violence. (6 mos) Illinois Council Against Handgun ViolenceChicago, IL $5,000 To support the Lincoln Awards Luncheon. (3 mos) National Academy of Sciences' Institute of MedicineWashington, DC $40,000 To support publication of three papers and a convening on gun violence. (11 mos) Legal Community Against ViolenceSan Francisco, CA $30,000 For the creation of 50 state fact sheets on domestic violence and firearms. (3 mos) Minnesota Chiefs of Police FoundationWoodbury, MN $39,000 To support a gathering of Minnesota law enforcement leaders on emerging gun policy issues in Minnesota. (6 mos) New Venture FundWashington, DC $20,000 To support a coalition coordinator in Oregon (7 mos) The Newtown FoundationNewtown, CT $15,000 To support The Newtown Foundation's projects centering around gun violence. (6 mos) Board of EducationChicago, IL $25,000 To support the continued design and implementation of the new STEM education focus (1 yr) Chicago Foundation for WomenChicago, IL $30,000 To support the 30th year anniversary (1 yr) Concerned Christian MenChicago, IL $25,000 For general support (3 mos) Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans FrontieresNew York, New York $5,000 To support expanding nutritional centers for young children in South Sudan (1 yr) Greater Chicago Food DepositoryChicago, IL $10,000 To support hunger relief efforts (1 yr) Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human RightsChicago, IL $10,000 To support the National Immigrant Justice Center (1 yr) Human Rights WatchChicago, IL $25,000 To support the HRW 2015 Global Council Summit (1 yr) Independent SectorWashington, DC $25,000 To support its 2014 Annual Conference (8 mos) John F. Kennedy Library FoundationBoston, MA $15,000 To support educational programs (3 mos) StoryCorpsBrooklyn, NY $10,000 To support mission-driven work to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of life (1 yr) Vera Institute of Justice Inc.New York, NY $10,000 To support the reform initiatives(1 yr) Year UpChicago, IL $10,000 Continued support of the Year Up Chicago program(1 yr) Independent SectorWashington, DC $12,500 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Technology Affinity GroupWayne, PA $2,000 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Foundation Financial Officers GroupChicago, IL $4,250 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Funders’ Committee for Civic ParticipationPortland, OR $5,000 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Consultative Group on Biological DiversitySan Francisco, CA $10,000 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Donors ForumChicago, IL $25,230 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Environmental Grantmakers AssociationNew York, NY $15,002 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Council on Foundations Inc.Arlington, VA $39,500 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) GuideStarWilliamsburg, VA $5,000 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Grants Managers NetworkWashington, DC $2,500 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Grantmakers for EducationPortland, OR $6,500 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Grantmakers in the ArtsSeattle, WA $2,500 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) Foundation CenterNew York, NY $10,000 2014 Membership Grant (1 yr) close


Statements of financial position
(000s omitted)
December 31, 2014 2013
Cash 1,090 684
Investments 948,055 930,572
Other assets 2,321 5,196
Total Assets 951,466 936,452
Liabilities and Net Assets
Grants payable 13,014 12,351
Other liabilities 581 458
Deferred federal excise tax payable 3,023 3,498
Total Liabilities 16,618 16,307
Net assets--unrestricted 934,848 918,145
Net assets--temporarily restricted - 2,000
Total Net Assets 934,848 920,145
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 951,466 936,452
Statements of activities
(000s omitted)
Year ended December 31, 2014 Unrestricted 2014 Temporarily Restricted 2014 2013
Net realized gains on investment transactions 72,587 - 72,587 63,009
Net unrealized (depreciation) appreciation of investments (24,271) - (24,271) 73,843
Interest and dividend income 15,435 - 15,435 12,000
Other income 300 - 300 468
Investment revenue 64,051 - 64,051 149,320
Investment expenses 2,372 - 2,372 2,209
Net investment revenue 61,679 - 61,679 147,111
Net assets released from restrictions 2,000 (2,000) - -
Total investment revenue and other support 63,679 (2,000) 61,679 147,111
Grants awarded 36,424 - 36,424 34,313
Grants returned (29) - (29) (172)
Specific grants awarded 1,864 - 1,864 1,034
Administrative and program expense 7,480 - 7,480 7,090
Federal excise tax and unrelated business income tax expense 1,712 - 1,712 908
Deferred federal excise tax (benefit) expense (475) - (475) 1,432
Total expenses 46,976 - 46,976 44,605
Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets 16,703 (2,000) 14,703 102,506
Net Assets, at beginning of year 918,145 2,000 920,145 817,639
Net Assets, at end of year 934,848 - 934,848 920,145
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